10 Super Foods


F avacado


Low on calories & saturated fat contributing wholly to body's benefit. it;s anexcellent source of healthy fats and aid in losing that belly faster.

F broccoli


Supports digestive systems due to its high fibre content and works as strong anti-oxidant due to presence of most concentrated form of vitamin C. gas strong & positive effect on the human detoxification system.

F tomato


They are a treasure of riches in terms of antioxidants anci provide an excellent source of Vitamin C & A. It has numerous health benefits such as cardiovascular support, bone health, anti-cancer qualities, etc. without the inside seeds

F almonds


Super healthy fat food source when taken in moderation aids in gaining that aesthetic body. It, the lowest calorie nut that adds to the healthy source of fat.

F celery


Low calorie, crunchy rich source of Vitamin C is the only vegetable that aids in burning fat while munching on it.

F papaya


A power house of nutrients, contains digestive enzyme pepin aiding digestion. An excellent source of anti- oxidants is high on fibre and lowers cholestrol.

F blueberry


Strong source of anti-oxidants provides dynamos of dietry fibre. Converts carbohydrates, protein & fat into energy.

F egg


Is low on colestrol & saturated fat and high on protein making it the leanest source of protein to achieve an aesthetic figure.

F sweet


Is the power carbohydrates that is rich in vitamin C and a great source of energy. Its natural sugar are slowly released into bloodstream making it a great source of regular and balanced energy

F apple


High content of fiber lowers levels of cholesterol, keeps you feeling full for a longer period of time and keeps you in slim condition. Grab an apple before every meal ante. to eat lighter as you feel full.