About Karan Soni



Karan Soni, an excellent cook, multi- restaurant owner and an individual diet consultant, started his love for healthy eating young when he overcame his obesity of weighing 110 kgs as 16 year old to a six-pack abs club.

Pennsylvania state university graduate majoring in hospitality & professional golf management, Karan, is also certified in holistic nutrition from Pennsylvania, USA. A foodie, he has been in the restaurant business all over the world from operating mobile kitchen in US to running health driven restaurant chain, MOJO, in Mumbai, India.

A multiple sclerosis survivor, coined the concept of Aesthetic Diets by self learned techniques and has been consulting, based out of Dubai, his diet plans to individuals for over a year now. 

His clientele transcends geographical boundaries, age group, nationalities, gender and come from various walks of life. A strong promoter of lean, fit & athletic body by healthy eating, his diet plans are unique in their structure and extremely result oriented based on individual body characteristics. An avid golfer, karan soni, represents personalized, individualistic customized and universal diet program for people who want to look good n#k#d.