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You Need to Understand




There is no wonder why so many individuals have confusion, anxiety and struggle to reach their weight loss, health or body composition goals that they are striving for.
With being in this industry for over 20years, I have also experimented with a variety of different protocols and can share with you some of my own experiences.

1) Low Carb/Ketogenic Diets:
Atkins had the start of this birth but the ketogenic diet is essential a diet where you have 20% of your daily calories coming in from protein, 70-75% coming from fats and the remainder of 5-10percent coming from carbohydrates.

ANS: Sure works for taking out some water retention, little fat but very impractical at times to work with most lifestyles.

2) Calories Restriction: This seems logical as if you eat fewer calories and your body is burning more energy, sure you may loose some weight. Being in this field there has been no definite way to calculate exact total daily energy expenditure. This protocol may suit a variety of different people but makes us obsessed about fitness apps and numbers.

3) Blood type Diet: This is too vague as each individual even if have the same blood type has a completely different way of how food is digested with their metabolism and life situation.

4) Gluten Free: Unless you have celiac disease or a severe intolerance/allergy there is no need to get caught in this fad.

5) Lactose free: For some people I understand as eliminating lactose/dairy/cheese helps reduce inflammation. My question to all of us is how come we were all once first nurtured by our mothers milk and over time we developed issues. Either the ingredients have changed for the worse and subsequently we have not respected our body with time.

6) The Okinawa/Rice Diet/Potatoe Diet: Nice diet for those who like to jump on a new fad. Very impractical diet for most but results can happen if your only job is to eat out of Tupper ware.

7) Interment fasting: Fasting for 16 hours and indulging for 8hours. Makes sense and can be extremely beneficial for those people who enjoying feasting on 2 meals rather than just snacking throughout the day. A caution to all those is that calories and macronutrients still have to be implemented for the results. Also, if anyone has any sort of delicate relationship with food, this protocol makes it worse by forcing you to binge.

8) If It Fits Your Macros: This is a protocol that works for even the most flexible dieter who will only be concerned on numbers: calories, carbohydrates, protein and fats. Sure it can be a great tool to have in your bag but requires a lot of input to customize based on body composition, health and goals.



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