Diet Trends & Myths

*Gluten-free products are the fads these days. There may be some gluten-free products which are healthy, but, generally it has higher calories, saturated fat and HIGHER carbohydrate count compared to whole foods. Unless you have a specific dietary/medical condition and require it there is no need to think that Gluten Free Products are your secret to weight loss or having a Aesthetic Lifestyle which is practical.

*Specific Pastas maybe healthier than others (buckwheat, brown rice pasta and whole wheat are generally safer) Do not fall in the trap of thinking that spinach pasta is really going to do anything that flattering. You would be better of having some real spinach and some high fiber vegetables since the actual percentage of spinach in that pasta is fractional.

*The misconception that opting for a fruit salad as a healthier diet option. The amount of sugar syrup that is drenched in it looses the plot and puts aside the benefits. Eat the fruit, not only is it better for you but will keep you full and satisfied longer.

*The organic marketing is so misleading that just because something maybe organic doesn't mean that it's healthy. Junk food is still junk.

*Nuts have also been promoted as good for you overall,yes, however, even though they are a healthy option snack it loses all its benefits if they are coated in sugar or high in salt. Plus, unfortunly they are always very hard to have a respectful moderation with. Rather than taking something good we become human vacuums to convert it as bad and stored as fat. So behave.

*Carbohydrates are not your enemy. The selection of choosing better reacting carbohydrates and starches to your metabolism is where you will either benefit or start binging on all the wrong things (cakes, croissants, french fries).

*What is the definition of normal eating? Fat and fried to get you the chance of high cholesterol? Adding sugar to lead to further medical difficulties (diabetes etc)?High salty foods which in time will promote not only acidity but worse high blood pressure?


your hand

*The best measuring tool for weight loss and lifestyle is right in front you.
It???s all in our hand:)


*Consistency is your lifestyle, diet is your vanity.

*Where the eyes open in regard to moderation is how we as humans have taken something so harmless as water to the level of splurging and causing over 50 plus water deaths this year due to our body and system handling only so much. 

*Do not just become a Googler when it comes to health and nutrition. What you read this morning will change by the time you go to bed. Ask the question? Why is it good for me or bad? Better yet is how much can I have, not just what?

*If we try over 9 different diets we will get a variety of different results over and over again. Understand your body and its metabolism not just by a general book which maybe a guideline but it doesn???t mean that it???s your personal guideline.

*Stop the high sugars and heavy carbohydrates only 2 hours before sleeping. Do not starve yourself all day thinking that you will create a practical lifestyle.

*The secret between weight loss, energy and lifestyle is have all 3 nutrients present as per with each snack or meal. We need protein, fiber and carbohydrates to allow our metabolism to utilize the benefits of all rather than storing one on its own in a undesired location.

*Understanding your pass code to your metabolism will not only create the lifestyle you always wanted but you will always know what foods you can indulge more in and which you will go easy on celebrating.

*Unless you have a specific medical intolerance, the only way of testing foods is by understanding your body and how you feel. Do you have a hard time sleeping, constipation, acidity, headaches???. This is your body telling you that something did not create the overall balance you needed. NOTE: FOOD WAS NOT DESIGNED TO MAKE YOU TIRED OR FALL ASLEEP.

*On your one meal of treating or cheating on foods do not fill the day just inhaling things you really don???t desire. Instead pick a duration of 3 hours to have what it is that you have really been craving. This will be your discipline of not pigging out but enjoying what it going to satisfy you both emotionally, physically and mentally.

*Do not let people tell you what you should look like or judge. We all have to wake up with ourselves and sleep with our conscious. What you want to see in the mirror is what makes us human. Desire what you want not what other???s comment on what you should be or look like.


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